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Alright, it’s time to close up shop on this blog. It will now serve as an archive. I’ve had this one for over a year but I just feel like it’s time for a fresh start. So please join me on the new one and I will shower you with love and affection. Happy New Year!

In the Darkness with You || Stiles & Lydia


A palm rested to press against the door frame, the unintentional sway forcing him to lean almost subtly as if to hover over the petite auburn haired siren and once gaze fell to rake her features he wondered then if she could discern the burden lingering upon his shoulders with one single glance, if she was just as intuitive as she’d proven in the past.

Now, she was willing to sway, motions diverting him just in the slightest, but by then she managed to entrance him, entice him with ideas that most likely would result in unwanted trouble. Their lives appeared doomed to such a prospect, however and he paused, lingering a short distance from Lydia before leaning back entirely, incredulous brow hiking upward.

"That, along with the time you had your two-day naked romp in the woods. What does that have to do with what just happened, Lydia?" The clearing of the instructor’s throat caused the slightest of reluctant turns away from her features only to cut her off. "Let’s take this outside."

It was becoming obvious that Stiles had no intention of correlating their situations together and while they held different circumstances in the end she was the only one that could relate. If he and the others wanted to deal with the overwhelming changes befalling them since their heroic acts then so be it. She wouldn’t force her wisdom upon them and be shifted to the side as if she knew nothing of what they were going through. 

Of course he would remind her of that. Truth be told she had though of that incident a few times since she’d been made aware of what she was. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that Lydia emerged from the woods at the scene of a murder. Though now wasn’t the time to venture off in a tangent about her own issues she needed to focus her attention on the boy who was so clearly losing it as he stood a few feet from her. “It has everything to do with it Stiles.” There was a sigh and before she had the opportunity to continue Mr. Wright was polity insisting they take this conversation elsewhere. 

With a nod she grabbed Stilinski by the arm and ushered him outside to the now empty hallway. Thankfully her next period was a free one otherwise she would have reluctantly taken the blemish of a tardy on her record. Once they were situated a few feet from the classroom she turned on her heel steadying her gaze on Stiles. “Don’t you get it? I might not have embraced whatever this darkness is but I’ve seen my share of crazy. Does the phrase ‘someone help me’ ring a bell?”



I hope your year is awesome, and filled with good memories with me. Forever.

Forever? That’s a long time. This year is going to be amazing Rob and I’m happy that I get to spend it with you.

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"Time I know that you will come, I can wait for you as much as necessary".

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